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Pool & Spa Form 23 Compliance Inspections

Uplift Home Inspections is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of pool and spa safety, Pool or Spa form 23 compliance inspections for your council and the lodgement of the 147Y to your council. Adhering strictly to AS1926.1 swimming pool safety regulations. As of December 1, 2020, homeowners must register their pool or spa with the local council, mandating thorough safety inspections. We make the process seamless by scheduling inspections at your convenience and delivering comprehensive results promptly. With our certified inspections and assurance of council compliance, you can relax and enjoy your pool or spa with complete peace of mind. Contact us today for inquiries or to schedule your booking inspection, ensuring the safety of your aquatic oasis

Pool Inspections Melbourne | Uplift Home Inspections
Pool Spa Inspections Melbourne | Uplift Home Inspections
Pool Compliance Inspections Melbourne | Uplift Home Inspections
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Pool & Spa Safety

VBA Registered Inspector

Step 1

Register Your Pool

Ensure compliance with local regulations by registering your pool with the Council. You'll need the installation date of your pool barrier. Upon registration, the Council will furnish you with a letter outlining the required standards for your pool barrier. This ensures that your pool meets all safety requirements mandated by local regulations

Step 2

Book Your Inspection

Schedule an Inspection from Uplift Home Inspections for your pool inspection. Our inspectors will audit your pool barrier and issue a compliance certificate if it meets the standard. If your pool doesn't comply, you'll typically have up to 60 days to rectify the issues and ensure compliance. Don't delay, book your inspection now for peace of mind.

Step 3

Lodge Your Certificate

Your inspection certificate, obtained within 48 hours of the assessment, is a crucial document to be forwarded promptly to your local council. This step ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and demonstrates that your pool or Spa barrier meets the mandated safety standards. 

Step 4

4 Years Inspection

After your initial inspection, your council will inform you of the schedule for subsequent assessments, typically every four years. This regular inspection cycle ensures ongoing compliance with safety standards and regulations, promoting the continued safety of your pool or spa. We look forward to seeing you again.

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