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Double Storey Frame Stage Inspections | Uplift Home Inspections

Frame Inspection 
Double Storey

Our meticulous attention to detail ensures flawless execution of your engineered building frame, we provide comprehensive inspection for your double storey build at frame stage. The frame serves as a critical foundation, incorporating engineered connections, load-bearing lintels, precise load transfers, and optimal spacing. Rectifying any defects during this phase is crucial, as identified issues may require significant rectifications by an engineer, potentially leading to major works. Addressing defects at the frame inspection stage mitigates costly issues later on, saving you money and reducing stress.

At Uplift Home Inspections, we focus on key elements during double-storey frame inspections, including precise bracing alignment as per engineered specifications, management of frame overhangs, assessment of concrete slabs with exposed steel, ensuring proper load transfers, adherence to manufacturer-recommended fixings, and accurate truss positioning with secure connections.

We coordinate with your schedule and the building supervisor to conduct a convenient double-storey frame inspection. Upon completion, we promptly communicate the inspection outcome to both you and the supervisor. Combining our comprehensive Frame Inspection report with approval from your building surveyor provides assurance that the work meets high standards.

With Uplift Home Inspections, proceed confidently to the pre-plaster stage of your new double-storey home build, knowing that your frame is secure, crafted to superior standards, and ready for the next phase. Trust us to ensure a stress-free and seamless progression in your home construction journey.

Frame Stage

Schedule your building inspection with Uplift Home Inspections to safeguard your dream home. Our Frame Inspection meticulously identifies any structural defects, ensuring the integrity and safety of your property for years to come.

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