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Uplift Home Inspections Fees Melbourne

Building Inspection Consultant

Our Fees

At Uplift Home Inspections, we provide top-quality building and new home inspection services at competitive prices. Our tailored services cover a range of inspection needs, and our consulting fees are flexible, depending on your specific requirements. Contact us today to inquire about pricing and schedule your inspection.

Pool & Spa Compliance

Pool or Spa form 23 compliance inspections for your council and the lodgement of the 147Y to your council

Builder Construction Report

137B owner builder construction reports.

New Home Pre slab stage inspections

Comprehensive inspection of your pre slab or base foundation.

New Home Frame stage inspections

Comprehensive meticulous inspection of your frame stage construction.

Pre Purchase Inspection

Pre purchase home inspection and

termite assessment

137B Owner Builder Construction Report

Comprehensive inspection to ensure that your building project meets all regulatory requirements.

New Home Steel Stage inspections

Comprehensive inspection of your steel stage of your construction.

New Home package, 
Pre slab, Steel, Frame and Final,

Comprehensive meticulous inspection of your pre slab, steel stage, frame stage and final completion.

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