Pre Purchase Building Inspections (New Homes)

Whether you’re planning to buy a newly constructed home or already bought a newly-built home, you may think that a home inspection is not a big deal. The truth is, a proper home inspection of your new build can provide valuable insights about your property’s construction, and offers a chance to prevent costly repairs. At Uplift Home Inspections, we provide an accurate evaluation of your new home’s structure, systems, appliances, and other important features. Our team of experienced inspectors will inspect your property and give you a brief report on the relevant findings through which you can ask your builder to fix any such issues before you close the deal.

Is Your New Home Error-Free?

Our new home inspections can help ensure that you’re moving into a safe and damage-free property. New home inspections may seem optional; most homeowners get them to ensure their investment is not wasted. Though your new building seems thoroughly error-free, they do have flaws including

  • Structural defects, cracks, improper grading, and poor framing.
  • Drainage and grading issues.
  • HVAC issues & loose connections.
  • Electrical problems, such as improperly wired outlets.
  • Plumbing issues

Why Should Your Newly Constructed Home Need Inspection From Uplift Home Inspections?

At Uplift Home Inspections, we ensure to make every new home inspection cover each facet of your new home purchase. Our teams of new home inspectors will ensure to make our clients fully understand the level of risk associated with their purchase through detailed inspection reports. We make new home buyers understand the value of a high-quality home inspection, and give them a better understanding of the systems & components in their home.

Our new home inspections allow you to be proactive about your new home purchase. When you hire at the middle or at the start of your home project, we can provide a complete inspection of your construction process, so your builder can fix any underlying issues promptly and solve any unattended issues before finishing the project. Whether you’re buying a new home or in the middle of your new building project, ensure to hire our inspectors for the complete analysis, timely reports, and high-quality inspections. For appointments, call 0409 219 742.