Pier inspections

The Northern corridor of land is made up largely of compacted fill requiring most homes to need piers.
Your Pier Inspection is the very start of your foundation and builds if this is involved in your
engineering. Pier requirements are based on site conditions, soil reports, existing tree roots, easements, and your engineering.
Piers are a critical part of your build providing your home with stability and cannot be rectified after they have been bored and poured.
Some of the things Uplift Home Inspections will check the piers for are loose fill, excess water, whether they cross check against your soil report and engineering and if they are all completed as per engineered layout.
Uplift Home Inspections will organise a time to inspect your piers that is both convenient for us and the building supervisor. Once we have inspected your piers and are satisfied with them, we will contact you and your supervisor to advise of the inspection outcome.
When combining our Uplift Home Inspections Pier Inspection report with an approval from your building surveyor you can be reassured and confident it has been completed to a high standard.
You can then continue your build knowing your pier foundations are safe, built to a high standard, and be confident to move forward to the next stage of your new home build, the pre slab, with no stress.