Frame Inspections

Uplift Home Inspections see your Frame Inspection as one of the most exciting parts of your build.
For the first time in your build, you will start to see your dream taking place as the frame walls go up.
Your engineered and commutated frame is based on your chosen design.
Your frame is an extremely critical part of your build and it’s very important to get it right the first time. There are a lot of engineered connections, lintels carrying weigh, load transfers, and spacing that need to be exact.
Once your plaster is positioned and the insulation is in, the only way to rectify a possible identified defect is an engineer’s rectification which cold result in major works. If a defect is identified at the frame inspection stage it can be discussed or rectified easily before going ahead to the next stage.

This will not only save money but you will avoid the stress.
Some of the things Uplift Home Inspections will check the frame for are bracing position as per engineered details, frame overhangs, concrete slabs with exposed steel, that loads are transferred, fixings are as per manufactures details and truss positioning and their connections.
Uplift Home Inspections will organise a time to inspect your frame that is both convenient for us and the building supervisor. Once we have inspected your frame and are satisfied with it, we will contact you and your supervisor to advise of the inspection outcome.
When combining our Uplift Home Inspections Frame Inspection report with an approval from your building surveyor you can be reassured and confident it has been completed to a high standard.
You can then continue your build knowing your frame is safe, built to a high standard and be
confident to move forward to the next stage of your new home build, the pre plaster stage, with no stress.