Final Inspections

Uplift Home Inspections see your Final Inspection as one of the most exciting parts of your build.
This is the end of your build and extremely critical to get right before handover.
Uplift Home Inspections will inspect your Final Inspection at a agreed time decided with your building supervisor.
Some of the things Uplift Home Inspections will check in your final inspection is that everything is as per architecturals, landscape grading from the house, weep hole clearances, gaps around the house’s exterior, minor paint blemishes, door clearances, downpipe connections or water issues.
It is always best to have you the owner onsite to provide input into this inspection. Combining all the possible lists of potential defects always achieves the best outcomes in final inspections.

Once the final handover is completed there is no going back.
Once we have inspected the Final and are satisfied with it we will contact you if your not onsite and your supervisor to advise of an outcome.
You can then combine our Final Inspection Report with approval from your building surveyor along with your certificate of occupancy and be reassured and confident it has been completed to a high standard.
You can then move into your new home knowing your home is built to a high standard.