5 Questions To Ask A Prospective House Inspector – Check Out!

So, you have decided to invest in professional house inspections in Melbourne? Well, that’s a good start. However, choosing a reliable & trustworthy house inspector is crucial in helping you out. If you want to cut costs by choosing an amateur or an unprofessional inspector, it will only lead to issues like damage to the property in the future, legal issues & much worse, you may even end up buying a home of poor quality. To ensure that your investment is safe, here are our recommendations on what you should ask your prospective home inspector or house inspection service.


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A Safe Home Inspection Process Is All You Need! Make sure to ask all these questions. 

Ask about the time they take for house inspection?

When it comes to hiring a house inspector, ensure you hire qualified professionals. If you’re unsure, ask the time they take for house inspection. Professionals take about 3-4 hours for the complete process depending on the size and layout of the house.


Ask about the tools that the inspector would use?

Qualified & trained personnel use tools & equipment to support the observations. A visual inspection won’t be enough to provide a detailed report & you should never rely on their findings or reports.


Ask what safety precautions they take during the inspection?

When it comes to inspections, a reliable house inspector will anticipate any damage during the inspection & tell you beforehand whether the house is worth the investment or not. You wouldn’t want to be liable for any accidents that happen during the inspection in your home.


Ask what all areas they cover?

A safety check is crucial & you want to ensure all of the basic categories like electrical, dampness, flooring, safety etc., are covered. So, after the inspection, once the builder fixes the issues, ask if they be available to inspect again? A professional house inspector will assist you as many times as possible & inspect the house & deliver the report to you on hand.


Ask how long it take for the report?

Professionals are always on time & offer the report within 48-72 hours. Also, they ensure to keep the reports accessible via cloud & so you can access it anytime.


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